The Things I Love

We’re back from the 9th annual family gathering of the Bickels (Lois’ parents and Lois’ brother, his wife [Jinger] and their son), the Certalics (Jinger’s parents) and us on Thanksgiving weekend in Schaumburg, IL (home of the Woodfield Mall<= really big).

And, for the last 9 years, we had all read the same book and had a book talk (this year: A Thousand Splendid Sunsets [Hosseini of The Kite Runner]). At the suggestion by Lois, we each created a list of “Things we loved” that didn’t include the usual things like family or country or belief-like items. I scribbled mine on the back of notes from a little talk that I gave the editors of the Student Publications class and found more room on the hotel’s small notepad paper. It was interesting to hear each person’s list and was in general a pretty cool to do.

Try it sometime…or now–as a response to this post–it’s fun. It’s not so much in making this list, but sharing it with someone else who has made the list too.

So, here’s mine:

The Things I love:

  • Venti Bold lots of room for cream with four packets of Sugar in the Raw from Starbucks at 7:07 a.m. before school.
  • New England Clam Chowder with sour dough bread at The Tides restaurant in Bodega Bay, California.
  • The Mac OS X OS with its Unix core underneath and the bling bling of the UI on our eMac.
  • That each Bickel has a bottle of nasal spray on their night stand.
  • Celtic Women, Riverdance, and “Danny Boy.”
  • Most BBC comedies.
  • Netflixing with Lois.
  • Colin’s red hair and Evan’s hitting the floor.
  • Making Ken and Doris coffee.
  • The first bass note in a song.
  • The pictures of Lois and me at the Japanese Tea Gardens (Golden Gate Park) in 1989 and 2001.
  • The beginning, middle and end of a marathon.
  • My 2007 Grand Rapids Marathon shirt.
  • NPR (“Wait, wait…Don’t Tell me,” “This American Life,” and “Speaking of Faith”).
  • Troubleshooting a website’s code and the moment when it works as it ought to.
  • Writing in a black marble composition book.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge on a bright foggy day.
  • My running shoes.
  • My Timberland shoes.
  • A 1988 Ford Festiva.
  • Building inuksuk on the Lake Michigan shore in Milwaukee, WI.
  • The flatness of the Midwest.
  • When Lois calls me a jackass.
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2 Comments on “The Things I Love”

  1. I’m not sure whether I’m more appreciative that you included Speaking of Faith on this list or that an ’88 Ford Festiva made the grade. My wife and I drove a charcoal beauty for years while she was finishing her degree. That car hauled more furniture and bucked more snow without getting stuck. Ah, but my fond memories are always tempered when I think about the deafening noise each time we hit the asphalt river back to NoDak to see the family. Absolutely deafening. Thanks for listening.

  2. vergil66 Says:

    Re: _Speaking of Faith_: really the best conversation about belief happening. I’ve been listening for ~3 years now and I thank you folk for all the work you do to make it happen (btw…one of the better websites for show-tie-ins also…kudos to you and your staff).

    But, the Festiva. I was living in the California when they first hit the showroom floor. I bought my “L” series, silver, AM radio no A/C in the summer of 1987 and have fond memories of delivering pizza with it, windows down, Spark-o-Matic speakers blarring something fierce (such as the soundtrack to _Cats_). Incredible headroom: I’m 6’5″ and it was one of the few cars then (besides a truck) that had real headroom). It moved all my stuff to Winona Lake, IN, my future in-laws bought one because mine, and it all came to crashing halt when a van full of Amish passengers rear-ended me and the Festiva was no longer drivable.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck! (Ditto on the sound thing…not sure how many mufflers I went through).

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