Necessary cleaning

I’m used to the idea that not having a place for more stuff means more stuff needs to go in the trash or to Goodwill. I am comfortable with knowing that even though I’m not always looking forward to going through each room once or twice a year to declutter, the process has becoming increasingly easier.

So, when the hard drive of my eMac is reaching that less than 5 GB, I refrain from getting more places to put the “stuff” and try and trash lots or give it away.

The process is getting harder because the stuff on the hard drive is actually good stuff. So, I pulled out JDiskReport to help me pinpoint who is the space hog and where I can get back above the 5 GB threshold.

Here’s the overall:

Disk Report And I don’t find it unusual that most of the 40 GB HD is taken up with Users stuff (as I have been fairly careful about how many versions of office suites or browsers or photo editing apps I really need–though I still can’t decide between Safari and Camino…but that’s another post).

I’m not messing with the sw directory because most of that is Unix stuff that I still mess with…I did notice that there is 1.2 GB of Documentation for the Developer directory (and all of that is available on the web).

I’m up to 3.3 GB now.

I’ve used the Monolingual app that removes the language files that you won’t use…that got me almost a Gig of space when I ran it. Also, I have already cleaned out the browser cache. It’s now onto what is in that Users directory.

iTunes eater And there’s not a lot to trash here as this is paid for content (on the music side) that I’d rather not hunt down the original CD for (wherever it is in the basement). We’re podcast people, so that directory gets a cleaning often, but I think Kristen Tippet (“Speaking of Faith“) must have big files, so I’ll delete the older ones there. I guess I am also guilty of owning most of Bruce Hornsby’s stuff. I’m good with that as the Compilations category hides my bent toward all things Soundtrack and Musical.

The TV Shows category got really big for awhile, but recently we’ve been able to find most things via NetFlix (that, and anything I’ve bought via iTunes, I’ve archived on storage media==>more stuff <g>).

I didn’t put the graph up on this–because, well, pie charts can only be so pleasing to look at– but I found in my Pictures directory (12% overall) that iPod Photo Cache takes up 2.3 GB of HD space. Humm, should I delete it? Not sure, but I’ll read up on that one before I do it.

As I clean out my hard drive again, I realize that it is difficult using a 5-year-old machine with a limited amount of space anyway (40 GB). We do more digital stuff and that really cool digital stuff eats a lot of available space. I’m okay with that and I have found myself doing less graphic-heavy projects and more “plain text” items. I am reminded of the “cycle” statement some one told me over 12 years ago: Instead of the hardware driving software development, it seems that software pushes hardware requirements. Translation: “System Requirements” on that program or game that you want to install on your 2-year-old CPU.

Perhaps, then, this opens up more opportunity for the Web 2.0 culture. Perhaps, lower resource-intense OSs (*nix) and Open Source programs will allow us to use machines to do stuff that needs to be done as opposed to merely being the newest new.

Now, time to reclaim some hard drive space and think of a plan to get a new computer.

Update: I regained 3.7 GB of hard drive space by tossing the iPod Photo Cache and ADC Ref Lib (~67k files total). I am now at a comfortable 5.8 GB. I’ll be doing this again in a month.

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