A holiday decluttering of a workspace

The before pictureAnd thus, here is the before picture and if you go to the source file on flickr, you will get an annotation of all of the stuff that is happening in there (books, cds, piles and piles). In fact, in my original caption, I’m almost proud of all of the things that are cluttering the area (almost an I Spy picture). You should notice that every surface is piled and where there is a space (esp. the cubby holes), well, something just has to be there, right?

And so, after being reminded by a 43 Folders post by Merlin Mann, I decided on tackling this area to let it breathe a bit. My general conditions were to throw away about a 1/3 of the paper pile stuff and to move anything that did not contribute to the workspace to another appropriate location.

And the after picture:

The after pix I’ll annotate this one with the Flickr notes, but I’ll happy to see that all of the stuff and things are gone and what is left is a place to work. (Mind you, this is the family community computer and all hands touch and use it, so it needs to be usable for everyone, not just me). The job took about 45 minutes and that includes moving the new stuff to another location (in temporary piles until that room is finished…okay?). Aside from the two inuksuit in the upper right-side, everything is useful for this space. And, most importantly, now it can breathe.

Close shot of USB cord organizerProbably the more interesting discovery is what to do with this CD-storage space (when that was a popular thing to do with these corner computer desks). Since we don’t have a use for putting our CDs here, I decided to use it for storing the 4 different USB cords on the left side (where the USB extension from the ol’ eMac resides). It seems to be a good use of space and we can locate the appropriate cord without having to root through a wad of cords that we used to stuff into one of the cubby holes.

So, the task is done and now the fun begins when we try and maintain the area and shield off the temptation to reclutter the area.

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