Twittering for two after a tempo run

This morning’s tempo run (7:40 pace) of 5-miles was nice (+66f; 92% humidity; listened to Bruce Hornsby, the “Everybody Dance” track from Paul M. and Train).

As I look back on the last 3 months of blogging (or at least on this site) I can see a mish-mash of stuff and things that I find amusing for that day. Sometimes the thought of hashing out a cohesive 3 or so paragraphs slips my mind and I find that my tumblr account has been much more active than this WordPress account. (I’m not going into all of the psychology of that right now, as many other folk have put a lot of type into the internet tubes on writing blogs vs. mini-blogging and the like). What I’m wondering from people is how do they manage two Twittering people on one computer.

We have an ol’ eMac 700 that’s not going to be replaced just yet (because it still does the stuff I need it to do) and because both Lois and I Twitter (and have different “friends,”) I went with two Twitter clients so that both of us can view our social life at any time (the computer is in a central place). Because I follow more people, I have the Twitteriffic program which is slick and so usable; for Lois, I set up tweetr (an AIR app that is maturing well and I just like the idea of using AIR as it seems to be on the edge of some really cool content).

I realize that we could sign out and sign in on Twitterrific, but that just takes too much time and frankly would be a little annoying. (Plus, both apps have their distinct sounds when a new tweet is received: And like Pavlov’s dog we run to the computer <g>).

This way seems workable for us, and though a bit resource heavy on the little ol’ eMac 700, we can continue our social lives in 140 characters or less.

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