Short Indy trip; fast tempo run

(Hey, my whole html toolbar shows up in Safari…cool)<= Spoke too soon…shows up, not fully functional
Anyway, the new teacher portfolio scoring took less than half the time we had planned for, so I got to come home Tuesday. (BTW, this is a worthwhile process: the portfolio, the mentoring, and the scoring…I will post about this later, but for some reason, some people think it’s “just another hoop we have to jump through”…I’d like to go on record and argue that assessment…later).
This morning was my first tempo run (a run at marathon pace) and I was planning on a conservative time of 8:00 miles and my first mile today was 7:35 and then I figured I might as well see how the rest of the run went. For the 5 mile run, my average mile was 7:40 and I felt comfortable and could breathe easily…which makes me wonder about my plans of qualifying for Boston next year: why not this year?
So the journey begins and I will continue to trace my progress here. I’ve been keeping track of some of my training over at Buckeye, but I can’t seem to figure out how to have my training log show up in my sidebar (that’s another project, I suppose).  

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