Spring Break Questions

Someone asked me to come up with some questions to engage a sibling in amusing conversation (yes, that is quite cryptic). Since the list took some creative energy (dated 30 Mar), I’ve copied it here for your viewing pleasure. Feel welcome in adding your own or giving your take on the questions.

*The State of Indiana (along with a few other states) are offering an “In God We Trust” license plate to its drivers with no additional fee. Drivers can choose between the regular state plate or this red, white, and blue version that has the proclamation on it. Question: Does this violate the separation of church and state idea?

*Recently a female blogger was at the end of a vicious verbal attack by other bloggers. The attacks came in the form of threats of violent behavior and eventually Kathy Sierra couldn’t take it anymore when she received the last threat. She writes in her blog:
“…, somebody crossed a line. They posted a photo of a noose next to my head, and one of their members (posting as “Joey”) commented “the only thing Kathy has to offer me is that noose in her neck size.” Here’s the link: http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/2007/03/as_i_type_this_.html
Is the internet protected by the same free speech (first amendment) ideas and mainstream media? Even though these types of “threats” happen a lot, is this case different because the person who is on the receiving end happens to be a woman?

* Ginger or Maryann?

* Wilma or Betty?

* Attorney A. Gonzalez or Former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown?

* Rumsfeld or Ashcroft?

* Obama or Clinton?

* Al Gore or John Kerry?

* Iraq like Vietnam or Iraq like Korea?

* “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” or Anna Nicole Smith?

*If Starbucks advertises that they do purchase fair trade coffee and I drink Starbucks coffee, does that indicate my political party of choice?

*Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” or Barack Obama in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”?

* John McCain (2004) or John McCain (2008)?

* Zune or iPod?

* San Francisco or New York City?

* Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire?

* “24” or “Lost”?

* Chiquita Banana or Kathy Lee Gifford?

* Former CIA officer Valerie Plame or Oliver North?

* Head butting in a World Cup Final or Fan interference in a playoff game?

* “The Muppet Movie” or “Labyrinth”?

* “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” or “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith”?

* Spock or Yoda?

* Dr. Cox (“Scrubs”) or House (“House”)?

* Tiananmen Square (1989) or Berlin Wall (1989)?


* Heads or Tails?

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3 Comments on “Spring Break Questions”

  1. Smoky Says:

    I think a license plate is streatching what sould be reality is too much.



  2. vergil66 Says:

    How do you mean “is too much”? Just wondering.

  3. Tricia Says:

    for no apparent reason, here are my choices:

    Mike Brown
    Obama (but I’m voting for Clinton)
    AL GORE!
    Iraq ? – not enough info
    Starbucks: yes
    Jimmy Stewart
    McCain 2004
    Fan interference in a playoff game
    Return of the Jedi
    Berlin Wall

    But what does it mean? I look at this list and wonder if it really says ‘me’

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