The beauty of a good run

Saturday’s long run of 18 miles was one of those once in a yearish sort of runs. I want to say “everything” or “so in the zone” or “perfect” but those are all cliche, aren’t they? So I’ll go with: it was a great run. And by that I mean that I didn’t feel tired and my energy level was balanced and I listened to some good stuff, the ol’ stuff (“Wait, wait…Don’t Tell me,” “This American Life,” and some good tunes). A nice run like that gives you confidence, once again, that you can run a marathon and probably won’t fall apart.

Things that contributed to the nice run: good running weather (low 50s), Cliff Power Shots (Mocha…yumm and has caffeine, too!) and fog (I then wasn’t distracted by how far I had to go because you know that CR 32 is one long stretch of pavement).

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One Comment on “The beauty of a good run”

  1. raymondmc Says:

    I love those runs–I had one of those on Saturday a couple of weeks back. I had just the right mix of music on my Shuffle and I’d had just enough coffee. I ran for 40 minutes at a good pace and probably wouldn’t have stopped if I hadn’t had many other Saturday things to get to. Near the end of the run I began to get that wonderful feeling of “well-being” that we like so much. I felt wonderful all day–I want another one of those and this next time I want it to be 6-8 miles maybe.

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