Permacloud has lifted; welcome Mr. Sunshine!

And for the 14-miler this morning, I over-dressed and had to take off the hat and gloves by Mile 9 and eventually had to do that thing we used to do in elementary school: tie the coat around the waist. I felt a tad school-aged, but it was getting a bit warm (+45f) and bright running back into town.

The run itself was a bit rough with more walking than I usually like, but it did mark my first run out on CR32 (also known as the “hilly” way–as if Indiana is known for it’s topography). The inclines were a nice change and the “crying hill” (Mile 6) went off with few tears. Listened to “Wait, wait…don’t tell me” and Tony Snow was the guest for “Not My Job” and then listened to Bruce Hornsby’s compilation Intersections (very cool, still). The “Fortune SonComfortably Numb” combo is incredible and I usually find myself doing a repeat on the iPod shuffle.

Finishing up on the writing gig thing and should get the final out tomorrow night. No sure on what my rights are on posting the piece, but when I can, I tell you more about it.

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