Bleak House

Ulysses Screen

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Well, not really, but I was ill and out of school yesterday and Colin has the flu today–two days of school be not fun (especially because the papers that are waiting for me and haven’t been touched since yesterday).

I’m finishing up on a writing gig thing for a friend (I’ll talk about it in more detail later) and I’m realizing once again my writing habits. I tend to do the “write everything in one sitting” thing even though I don’t mind the stress so much. Another thing I’m seeing is that there are a lot of creative folks out there who are doing some creative things and having fun (most of them I read about on the Twitter public timeline). Lastly (only because it’s the transition that marks the end of this thought) I’ve rediscovered Ulysses–a writing management program (or at least that’s the best way to describe it). I bought it roughly two years ago on a whim and tinkered here and there with it, and then for this current project, decided to allow the thing to manage the little writing project-thing (10,000 words). Very cool and it didn’t get in the way but allowed me to do focus on the writing and also manage all the parts.

Another thing that has helped with productivity during this project is window management. For the longest time I’ve just minimized my window (yellow light) into the Dock. But because I was dealing with a wide range of programs that I needed open (web brower, Ulysses, Text Edit, Terminal, and of course, twitterpost) to minimize was just too much. Enter: Exposé of OS X fame and for some reason didn’t think to tinker with the F9 key or F10 or F11… the more the hands can stay on the keyboard (my fellow Vimmers may say), the more the hands keep working.

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  1. […] up on the writing gig thing and should get the final out tomorrow night.  No sure on what my rights are on posting the piece, […]

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