Warmer weather, reading books

This morning’s run was the usual 3-mile loop and I listened to Bruce Hornsby. But what was unusual about this run is that it was the warmest one since last year (December 2006).

I had this little conversation with Evan this morning:

Evan: Dad, could you sign this?
[ME looks at the 1/2 sheet of paper and sees the words “WEEKLY READING LOG” across the top]
Me: Sure thing Sammy Sosa’s cat.
[EVAN pushes the paper and pencil toward ME. ME notices the “Garfield at the Movies” entry for 50 minutes on two consecutive days]
Me: Does “Garfield” count with your teacher?
Evan: Sure, I’ve done it before.
Me: Okay.
[ME thinks for a moment as he begins to make Senseo dark roast coffee and then turns back to EVAN]
Me: Are you also reading The Hobbit?
Evan: Oh, yeah.
Me: Why don’t you include that also on your list. They like that sort of thing.

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