Curb your weather talk

Warmer (19 degrees f: feels like 3) than yesterday (1 degree f: feels like -14), today’s run was balmy…well, I can’t really say from experience than yesterday was a colder run: I didn’t even bother…that’s colder than cold.

Wish I could come up with something witty this morning (like some quip from watching season one of Curb your Enthusiasm), but it’s not happening. It’s morning and I woke up right before the alarm went off…about all that is on my mind is how warm I am now that I am inside the house. Well, and I’m about to throw some stuff into the CrockPot for tonight’s dinner (Apple Pork Chops, I think).

Anniversary of the Space Shuttle disintegrating while re-entering the atmosphere…that reminds me of the Challenger explosion and a post from awhile ago.

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