Let is sno…

Saturday’s long run was nice: 9-miler around the big loop of town. Tuesday’s and today’s runs were fine and I skipped yesterday because I was just plain tired when the Palm Pilot alarm went off (and why we are depending on that thing, I really don’t know).

A nice dusting on the ground this morning which is supposed to turn into more snow. Apparently this is the work of Global Warming <enter heated arguments> <bad pun>.

I’ve finished reading Doubt: A History, ran through Misquoting Jesus (which apparently didn’t make this person happy), and am skipping through one of the accounts of the Gospel of Judas (from National Geographic). Ah, there’s a lot of good stuff out there. My next reads: Ehrman’s take on the Gospel of Judas and then some more fun: Code Name Ginger (the story behind the Segway).

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3 Comments on “Let is sno…”

  1. Franklin Says:

    there is global warming… I’ve taken/taking AP bio… i know this stuff

  2. vergil66 Says:

    Ah, but is the global warming a part of the natural processes of Mother Earth? (Hint: Greenland).

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