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And why am I running in the cold?

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Oh, because running in the cold (this morning: 17 degrees F; feels like -5) builds character and somehow that will make me run better in races. Or something like that.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad…not like the time I ran about 50 steps and high-tailed it back into the house…that was just plain stupid-running weather.

122 days until summer break; about 27 days until I hear back on the Lilly grant (which helps me plan the summer) and approximately a month until my assignment on an American author is due to the editor–February is a busy month.


Let is sno…

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Saturday’s long run was nice: 9-miler around the big loop of town. Tuesday’s and today’s runs were fine and I skipped yesterday because I was just plain tired when the Palm Pilot alarm went off (and why we are depending on that thing, I really don’t know).

A nice dusting on the ground this morning which is supposed to turn into more snow. Apparently this is the work of Global Warming <enter heated arguments> <bad pun>.

I’ve finished reading Doubt: A History, ran through Misquoting Jesus (which apparently didn’t make this person happy), and am skipping through one of the accounts of the Gospel of Judas (from National Geographic). Ah, there’s a lot of good stuff out there. My next reads: Ehrman’s take on the Gospel of Judas and then some more fun: Code Name Ginger (the story behind the Segway).

If schools could take a lesson from the iPhone

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

(Some catch-up on the running: I botched the long run on Saturday…didn’t have [geek warning] my inhaler with me nor did I take a double-puff before I set out; so, I only ran the 3 of the 5 miles…yesterday did the 3 miles).

This morning was a crisp 19 degrees f and quite nippy. I’ve been listening to Bruce Hornsy’s Intersections (a 20-year compilation) … well-worth using the Xmas Amazon Gift certificate on the 4-disc set.

Now, to get my hands on an iPhone for the June ship date.

Wednesday and the schedule is as follows

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

This morning was a 4-miler on a 20 degree f morning (feels like 10) listening to Bruce Hornsby’s 20-year collection: Intersections (very cool).

Thus far, I am on schedule for my runs (using the reliable Hal Hidgon one as my guide). This marks the third week of training and I’m about ready to introduce some speed work into my Thursday runs (probably the 800s at the track).

Tonight are Parent/Teacher conferences and that means I get to wear a tie.


Please check your sources…even if it’s Thoreau

Sunday, 7 January 2007

A local organization is using the following quote as a part of their theme:

“Most people live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with a song still in them…”

Fortunately, this organization did not attribute the quote to Thoreau, but everyone else does (and this organization probably thought they were getting a quote/idea from the 19th century Concord pond guy. Just a Google Search of the “quote” will show you how much people think that Henry wrote it.

Thing is: he didn’t write it. He actually wrote:

“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation…” and if you want the rest: READ IT FOR YOURSELF…LOOK IT UP BEFORE YOU QUOTE or ATTRIBUTE.

Fortunately, some folk have done this.

Okay, first Santa Clause now “song still in them”…hopefully I can get back to real stuff.