Day of Jubilee yesterday; Boy in the Plastic Bubble tonight

I finished out the first week of running with a long run of 5 miles…nice run and I took the Bethany route and back.

Yesterday was the day of Jubilee…the one day out of 49 that the boys get to have as much computer time as they want. Yesterday’s game: Lego: Star Wars: Volume 1. Much fun.

Tonight is the Judson special NYEve celebration. Jeff is here and the last film of the evening: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble…yes the John Travolta running in the suit at the end made-for-tv film from back then.

Nothing beats good movies and friends and games and a bottle of Korbel to top off the end of the year. (BTW: We’re at the part where the father (Mr. Brady) is playing “catch” with through thick rubber gloves in the infant hamster trail for the Bubble Boy. (Oh wait, the tv crew is cover the “coming home”)).

Also, I need to clarify (oh, Tina just ran up to the Bubble Boy)…Mike Brady just got made at the tv crew and said “Hell” and that his son is not a “freak.” Anyway…I need to clarify “Korbel“: For a few years (especially my high school years) I grew up by the Russian River and I would travel through the Korbel vineyards outside of Guerneville every morning on my way to school. So, I drink a glass out of memory of those 3 years…beautiful drive through those fields.

Happy New Year! (BTW: The neighbors are visiting Toddy in his home hamster trail…and Tina is licking the bubble now…oh, go buy the film or better yet, buy it at a gas station…that’s where Bruce got this copy).

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