Ending the first week; Cheating in Chess

I’ve run my maintence runs for the WEEK 1 of my training schedule and actually I haven’t had so much the “legs tired” or “lungs tight” as much as “why am I doing this?” I ran 3miles Monday, Wed, Thurs…mostly using the Millrace route for now and I’m planning to run the same routes next week until I get used to the whole running business.

Some updates: my mom called the day before she was to fly out and said that she was sick with the crud and now as we all look back at it, it might have been for the better (with all of the people lines at airports as a result of Denver being shut down for a spell). So, it was a Xmas of the boys and Ken and Doris and here are the pictures to prove it.

And now, as the Chess world is trying to find out why drug testing would help the sport, players are now being scanned for the Cheating Potential of Hats. Even the recent World Chess Championship yielded some accusations and it seems that if you are doing well, then you must be cheating.

I’m finishing the planning of a new blog entitled bashing education and I should be writing regularly there next week. I’m exploring the world of technology and education and how the two mix together as well as oil and water. What I mean is that in almost every state, a technology standard has been set in education, yet most of the policy makers and policy enforcers have not a clue on how one can use technology for learning. Most software and hardware makers have an educational angle, but rarely will you find that there’s much to back up their claims (a lot of generalizations and spin talk…much like listening to classical music makes your baby smarter). So, in this blog, I hope to reflect on where we are at in the technology-education dialogue and then possibly give some ideas for where we could head with the conversation.

Now, time to finish my second cup of Senseo coffee.

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