And so it begins: First run of the new season

And I’m not what right I have to call it a “season,” but it works for me and my schedule.

Pretty cool running this morning (31 degrees F; 3 mile route). As in previous “first-days-of-new-season” post, my lungs are not just ready and my legs are a tad tired. (It’s been since the week or so after Columbus). I listened to some Xmas music (Sarah McLachlan and Celtic Woman…I know, smile and nod) along with some Bruce Hornsby. The run was fine and I wanted to get out a week before the training really begins.

This year I’m aiming at the Kentucky Derby Marathon in late April 2007 to begin with, which allows for an early June race, another in September and possibly end with Grand Rapids in October.

Until then, my 18 weeks begins Tuesday and my mom spends her first Christmas with us (she flies in tomorrow night).

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One Comment on “And so it begins: First run of the new season”

  1. […] Warmer weather, reading books This morning’s run was the usual 3-mile loop and I listened to Bruce Hornsby. But what was unusual about this run is that it was the warmest one since last year (Decemeber 2006). […]

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