Resource Officers

Following a “natural trend” because of perceptions: (From PEN)

Milwaukee police officers will be assigned for the first time to full-time duty inside city public schools under an agreement between police and Milwaukee Public Schools leaders. The effort to improve school safety will begin small — with two pairs of officers in the spring semester, which begins in late January — but all involved hope that it will grow by next fall, provided that money can be found to do that. Mayor Tom Barrett said the pilot efforts to have police work as “resource officers” in schools should help curb school violence and are a step in the right direction. “Students, staff, parents and the community all want kids to feel safe going to school and want the schools to be safe,” Barrett said in an interview. An opinion poll shows strong public support for safety measures, reports Alan J. Borsuk. Asked what services were important for MPS to provide, city residents in the poll put three things connected to safety at the top of the list. The services — violence prevention, drug and alcohol use prevention, and improved safety and discipline — were each rated as “extremely important” by more than 80% of all people surveyed.

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