Going Google

So, in the pursuit of being a tad GTD in my life, I wanted to reduce the inboxes/buckets. I’ve really enjoyed using TodoTXT and Remind, and lately I’ve been using NextAction. But one of the things I haven’t liked it trying to move the main file between computers (my eMac at home and the Dell at school). And though I like the GTD workings of the program, I realized that the moving back and forth is a bit tedious.

So, after reading about after stumbling upon Google Notebook when looking at the personalized homepage content, I decided to use Notebook as a GTD todo list and put it on my personalized page alongside my GMail messages. And really, Notebook works out well. I set up contexts as categories (much in the same way that I did in remindme) and would just delete the items as I finish them. The only draw back would be that there is no tracking of completed projects, but really, once you finish something, do you really need to track that? For me, the answer was “no”; the task is done and why should I hang on to the whole tracking thingy?

So, then I found Google Reader and the circuit is now complete: instead of using Flock‘s newsreader (kind of slow) or OMPLs NewsRiver, now everything is in one place and I can access it from one page.

I was reluctant to go with an all Google lineup, but, oh well, for now it works.

Now to evaluate how I do lesson planning (currently using OPML editor).

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