Peace from Columbus and the Fields

So, I got to run with Lori for 26.2 miles Sunday. Well, more like 26.6…

I had the parking lot picked out from last year and as we were pulling in, the friendly parking folks were charging $5 to leave out van there. Guess who had $5 cash on hand? Not Lori, not Chris.

(Insert panic music here…25 minutes to race time).

Lots of driving around, lots of one-way streets, lots of runners, but no free parking around. ATMs suddenly disappear and now it’s 7:45 and 15 minutes to race time. I suggest to Lori that I let her out and have her start and that I’ll catch up with her–not received well.

Then a turn, and parking lot right by the finish line and no sign of having to pay in advance. Parking the van and jogging to the starting line and suddenly we’re in the mass of humanity–7500 strong–and the plane is flying over and the gun goes off.

At least we were warmed up.

Good 13.1 miles, long stretch to 17, 20-25.2: really long, but we finished and Lori got a new PR…improving her time from her first marathon by 30 minutes.

Unforgettable experience.
Peace from Columbus and the Fields

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One Comment on “Peace from Columbus and the Fields”

  1. […] Pretty cool running this morning (31 degrees F; 3 mile route). As in previous “first-days-of-new-season” post, my lungs are not just ready and my legs are a tad tired. (It’s been since the week or so after Columbus). I listened to some Xmas music (Sarah McLachlan and Celtic Woman…I know, smile and nod) along with some Bruce Hornsby. The run was fine and I wanted to get out a week before the training really begins. […]

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