So long, .Mac: I’ve enjoyed my since the beginning

I was supposed to do a long run (2 hours) this morning, but about 3 miles into it (listening to a really good “Wait, wait…don’t tell me“) my mind said: “Hey, we’re tired and it’s dark and we voted and we wish we all stayed in bed this morning”).

So, no long-long run, but everything (physically) seemed to be working. (Note: we signed up for Columbus last night…14 days!)

And now on to the sad news: Goodbye to my email address that I’ve had since the beginning days of .Mac. Makes me really said because now I have to tell everyone my new address. In fact, my address before that was in the early days of the “email for life” (until they started trying to make money and changed the limits on how many emails could be forwarded to another account).

So, goodbye to some convenience (iPhoto and iMovie to .Mac was really nice). But, seeing that’s there’s enough stuff out there that does the same things for free, I can use the $99 for more important things (perhaps upgrading to Pro accounts on stuff I really use).

43folders had a piece on the stagnation of .Mac and I find that I concur with most of the post (I know I should say what I really don’t see eye-to-eye on, but I’m a bit tired from drinking coffee today). Until then, perhaps I share what I am using instead of Apple’s connection with the digital life.

Oh, I’ve been playing with MySpace and my stay has been interesting. If anything, it has been more of a 1st hand look at what the kids are doing these days.

Goodbye .Mac; thanks for the convenience attached with my Mac experience. I think you know that many of us were rooting for you, but not a lot was happening (remember all the downloads we .Mac members got?). Until the reunion, good luck and hopefully you don’t bump into your cousin: eWorld.

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