Mile 17, but the race is done

Lake City Marathon was a nice race…got to see a lot of Warsaw that I didn’t know existed (though I lived in the area for 5 years). My 1/2 marathon split was around 1:45 and then Mile 17 hit (my leg, that is) and I ran/walked for the next 6 miles until I decided to make a run for it and the leg held up okay (I think it was that ol’ ITB thingy from my first year of running).

Anyway, I think my time was around 3:55ish and I was happy to have my second best time (a little bummed about not getting the PR, but that’s fine). I met a lot of nice folks on the race path (kudos to the Grace College students helping out in the first part of the race) and folks at the end while we waiting around for the awards ceremony (which I left early because I stank and because, well, I wanted to get home, see the boys and Lori, and take a shower).

Pictures and other info coming later. Until then, I’ve got about 5 weeks until Columbus!

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