Should I dump .Mac for other services that I can get for free?

I just got my email from Apple saying that in 30 days my account will automatically renew. This has been a year of Mac diehards getting a bit testy (and perhaps that number was small, but quite digged). So, should I pay the $99 for the email address (I do really like it: cjudson), the homepage feature (which I use flickr now anyway) and the iDisk space?

I’m having a hard time justifying the money for services that are available for free (or, for a nominal cost for more features).

BTW, the bandwagon to dump all things Apple is not where I am headed; it seems that I use different platforms for different purposes. At home, I will continue to use my Mac (and when the ol’ eMac gives way, we’ll get another); at school, I will continue to endure the silly Dells and their Win XP OS (which works fine for my purposes); I will continue to play with Linux (and the Darwin core in OS X) because I can.

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