Last long run in the books; Last swim of the season

Saturday’s 8 miles went without incident…listened to Wait, wait…don’t tell me and the beginning of This American Life “Americans in Paris” (starts with a piece about David Sedaris). Nice weather and really not much to write about. So, now it’s time to gear up for Saturday’s 26.2 miles and honestly, I haven’t the foggiest idear of how it will go. I put myself down for a target time of 3:50 … I’ll just enjoy the week of 3-4-2 mile runs (no speed work on Wednesday, though.

Today, Labor Day, marked the last swim of the season…sort of a sad time, but we all jumped in the pool together (at a mild 80 degrees … folks, that’s really cold for us).

Also, accomplished today was finishing the painting of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom (let me see if I can get some color swatches here…okay, the kitchen looks like the walls in the top picture on this page and go a shade darker for the bathroom area).

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