Last long run; First two weeks

In the “catch-up-after-a-few-weeks” department of excuses:

Last week’s 12-miler went fine; did the CR32 to CR11 and back route and the run was nice. No, “oops, I pulled it again” business this time. This week I ran twice: a 3-miler and some Lassos (3 bookended by mile there and back). Tomorrow is 8 miles and I’ll probably play it safe and do the loop once (all flat surfaces).

Today marks the end of the first two weeks of school and thus far there’s nothing to complain too much about. In fact, I’m finding that I thinking of trying some new stuff. First thing is playing with yet another organizational road…this time, I’ve gone with the GTD (Getting things done) crowd. I stumbled across GTD when I found a cool little Unix utility called Remind. The site was 43 Folders and I found the stuff that I was reading hit a chord. (I’m also playing with a shell script called ToDoTxt because I like the idea of stripping back the coding and the GUI and going with pure plain text). I’ll write another post or two regarding how I’m doing my lesson planning this year.

This holiday weekend is about priming and painting the kitchen and grading some summer reading essays. Oh yes, I think I’ll close the pool too. Besides that, Lego time with the boys and Netflix with Lori (we’re working through the Brit comedy, Cold Feet).

BTW, I think I’ll start a myspace account for my newspaper students. More about that later.

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2 Comments on “Last long run; First two weeks”

  1. I just wanted to say that I’ve been hearing a lot about the whole GTD movement as well. I think the 43 Folders site is fantastic and has helped immensely so far. While I’ve changed a few bad habits, I haven’t exactly gone “all in” yet. Maybe sometime soon!

  2. Chris Says:

    I concur: for me it began with Daytimer, then a long stint with 7 Habits and then a tad of guilt by Aslett (48 hour day) and now GTD. I think I found out about 10 years ago that with each season there’s another “how to order your life” movement. I think that’s what I liked about GTD (and btw, I’m with you: I’m not going to buy the CDs, go to the conference, wear the ballcap and try _and_ get the special program on my Palm Pilot); there’s some common threads from other management systems, but not a tone of “if you don’t follow the whole program, you’re going to cheap metal cabinet hades.”

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