Using Pine to read .Mac mail

I’m posting this here because I couldn’t find it else where and it would have been really nice to have the answer pop up in a google search.

So here it is:

When using the text mail program Pine and you have a @mac account, you will not just be able to put in your usual info for set up:

mail server:

smtp server:

(BTW, I got hooked on Pine after reading Dave Taylor’s Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger…a very cool book if you want to dabble under the hood of OS X).

Anyway, if you actually follow Pine’s suggestions, you’ll get it right…I didn’t read very well, so for a long time I wasn’t able to send mail.

So here’s how your settings should look like under Config in Pine


inbox-path: {}Inbox

NOTE: yourusername is your username…the stuff to the left of your address. Also, you don’t enter the Inbox stuff as Pine will ask you what the name of your Inbox is after enter the “novalidate-cert” stuff.

And now, you should be able to send (and receive) your .mac mail with Pine. (Note: I’m using Pine 4.64).

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2 Comments on “Using Pine to read .Mac mail”

  1. Dave Taylor Says:

    I’m impressed. And what you didn’t realize, I bet, is that Pine is built upon the Elm Mail System, which I wrote back in the 1980s while at Hewlett-Packard’s R&D Labs in Palo Alto, CA. Years before I wrote the Unix book for O’Reilly! And a third coincidence: you posted this article on my birthday!

  2. Chris Says:

    Surprisingly, I did know about your work on the Elm Mail gig (I’m trying to remember where I read that)…but, more than anything, I’m glad to have commemorated your birthday by posting the article. Kudos to you and thanks for the feedback.

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