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20-Miler is done and now it’s time to "taper”

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Last Saturday was the 20 mile run and now we go 12-8-and run 26.2. I registered for the Lake City Marathon tonight and I suppose the exciting news is that there will quite an international turnout at the race. This little race may become the talking point of running in Northern Indiana (or, at least for the small percentage that run marathons).

School’s has started and so that means earlier running in the dark (the sunrise isn’t until 7 a.m.). After Lake City, I’m still planning on running with Lori at Columbus in October and still crazy enough to consider a final run in Grand Rapids (which reminds me, I need to call my sister).


18-miler done, not pretty, but done

Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Saturday marked my 18-miler and it wasn’t a pretty thing, but it’s done. I suppose I was still a bit parinoid about my calf, so I took it easy. Still working toward Lake City Marathon on 9 September…so the rest of my schedule would be 14-20-12-8 and then 26.2.

I did some Lassos today at the Goshen College track…I’ve never ran a track before in training and it was kind of nice (though, I still might not enjoy doing a track too much).

But now on to groovy news: My good friend Jeff had his house burn down Monday:

The blaze that destroyed a Concord High
School teacher’s home Monday afternoon is being investigated as a
possible arson, authorities said Tuesday.

and we’re going on vacation tomorrow to Milwaukee (well, we’re actually celebrating our anniversary a bit late…May 12). And, the big news: we’re taking a Segway tour through the city…a 3-hour tour! Hopefully pictures to follow.

Using Pine to read .Mac mail

Thursday, 3 August 2006

I’m posting this here because I couldn’t find it else where and it would have been really nice to have the answer pop up in a google search.

So here it is:

When using the text mail program Pine and you have a @mac account, you will not just be able to put in your usual info for set up:

mail server:

smtp server:

(BTW, I got hooked on Pine after reading Dave Taylor’s Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger…a very cool book if you want to dabble under the hood of OS X).

Anyway, if you actually follow Pine’s suggestions, you’ll get it right…I didn’t read very well, so for a long time I wasn’t able to send mail.

So here’s how your settings should look like under Config in Pine


inbox-path: {}Inbox

NOTE: yourusername is your username…the stuff to the left of your address. Also, you don’t enter the Inbox stuff as Pine will ask you what the name of your Inbox is after enter the “novalidate-cert” stuff.

And now, you should be able to send (and receive) your .mac mail with Pine. (Note: I’m using Pine 4.64).

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