On Vacation and Heat Wave in California

As you can probably tell, I’ve been on vacation from all thing regular and timely for the past month. The flickr photos should show what I’ve been up to (Chicago, Ohio, fixing the pool, the Elkhart County 4-h Fair).

As far as running, I got that pain in the calf thing again on the 13-miler, so I backed off and decided to run on flat stuff for a few weeks. Now, 3 weeks later, I ran a 12 mile (at a nice pace) and then ran the Fair run Sunday (22.37)…so, it looks as though I’m ready to head for the hills again. I got lots of advice online and the upshot is this: hills are good, but you might get injured doing too much. I think the most plausible info was that my injuries happens going downhill–which can be avoided a bit by not leaning back…run over over your feet is the advice I read a couple of times.

So, I am happy with that and still plan on running in Warsaw, IN beginning of September (just got to do a few more long runs to commit myself). Then, planning on Columbus with Lori AND, if I’m crazy enough, might try Grand Rapids the end of October (very up in the air on that one…so don’t hold me to that one).

This week also marks the last week of “NO SCHOOL STUFF” month. Beginning next week, I jump back into planning and the throws of the coming school year.

Today is about making summer t-shirts for the boys; I’ll post pix when they get finished.

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