Week 2 and a man named Yasso

Let’s get caught up:

Saturday’s long run was 8 miles and it was a nice and easy run (although one of the brightest days that I could remember).

Yesterday, I ran an easy 3 miles in the morning…nothing interesting to report.

Today, I tried a Yasso 800 thingy. I found it in the Complete Book of Running (Burfoot) and here’s a copy of the article online. The gist is that for your speedwork, run an 800 at your desired finish time (for example, if I am aiming for a 3:40 finish, I would run a 800 in 3 min. 40 sec.). You jog the same amount of time and then do another run. Apparently you start with 4 sets and then add one until you get to 10 sets of 1/2 milers. (I appreciate that the author admits that he could only get to 7).

So, I decided on the 3-mile course that is the canal run to the dam and back and used the 1/2 mile markers to measure the distance. My target time was 3:40, but I was running 3:20-3:10 1/2 miles (show off that I am). Anyway, I think I like the workout and plan to use it as the Wednesday scheduled run appointment.

Lori is doing another training swim in a canal off of Lake Wawasee for the Sprint Triathlon in Winona Lake Saturday.

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