How many marathons?

I did two runs this week: 3 on Tuesday, 4 today. Both were around 7:00 a.m. so traffic and headlights and other irritants of Spring training were not there. Both were good runs and thus begins another training schedule…kind of.

There’s many tempting races in the Fall and I’m trying to narrow it down. Now that I think I’m all that because I got a new PR at Sunburst, Chris thinks he can just go out and run a couple more marathons rather than the two that I had scheduled. So, I’m just entertaining the possibilities of running in the Lake City Marathon (Warsaw, IN….small field and perhaps not the most exciting course), Akron (which has gotten good press in the mags), Columbus (which I might run with Lori) and Grand Rapids (which looks fun and is toward the end of October). So, now to choose how much I want to pay out to run and still amuse myself. And, how much is too much? I’m I just plain dumb to run a marathon within 3 weeks of another?

All in good time because I’m planning on the following summer running until I figure out what’s going on:

3-7 mile maintenance runs during the week (2-3) and 10-13-15-13-10 long runs on Saturdays.

I figure that keeps me in the running for a while and it seemed that I wouldn’t get beyond 15 miles  until 9 weeks before the actual marathon. I’m thinking I might surf on over to Hal Higdon and see what he has to say about all of this.

Any, pictures coming soon of the pool project and I’m happy to say that the leak is fixed and the north end return jet is connected and working smoothly.

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