No SAT calibration for me

And so, I’m justifying missing the mark on qualifying for scoring. I was 100% adjacent in my scoring, but just didn’t get the last 10 papers.


Anyway, now I’m justifying the situation and realizing that I will not be scoring essays for the next 10 days at the rate of 25 essays an hour. Too bad for me…the experience probably would have been interesting, but I am scoring portfolios now and I should concentrate on that (right?). I would say more about the training, but I am not at liberty to say anything about it: I signed a contract that says I can’t or else. Besides, I think the $ is better if you just proctor one of the exams anyway.

So, hopefully folk have noticed that I finally spelled “calibrate” correctly…if you didn’t, notice that I noticed.

Lori and the boys are to be here in about an hour so I am working with my new ISP in moving the old site to a newer server (runs faster, jumps higher).

Also, I am getting the itch to run again as I feel like a sloth just eatting Panera stuff and drinking Starbucks coffee and reading portfolios. Maybe this weekend? And I also need to talk with Lori on what the plan is for October (if I’m running in two marathons or not).

I’m posting this now, but I’m going to see if the pix from Sunburst are up yet.

Peace in Indy.

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