Sunburst, started late, ended well

Beautiful running weather for the Sunburst this morning. As we gathered at the starting line and the announcer guy was reviewing the course rules, we were ready to begin at 6 a.m. But then the Race Director got on the megaphone and said that there was an emergency situation on the course and that the race start would be delayed 15 minutes (with hopes that race would still take place).

The guy next to me said “I’ve been waiting for this moment for 19 1/2 weeks.”

And so many of us scattered. I went back up to the room and tell Lori that the race was delayed and then headed back down 10 minutes later.

When I got out the door of the hotel, I noticed marathon people running to the starting line and the announcer telling the folk “Marathoners, welcome to the start of the race.” And I, along with others, jumped in the waiting throng of marathon folk  and the race began.

I probably ran a little fast for the first 18 miles (I think I was averaging 8 1/2 minute miles) and I was trying to avoid the usual minute walk through water stops. I love Goo and bananas and I felt strong going into Mile 22 and then I lost a little. I decided to walk a bit after the water stop (bad news in the last 6 miles). So, with a lot of rhythm lost, I eventually did finish around 4 hours (I’m not really sure what my time was…the finish line clock read 3:48ish, but I think that was off for some reason…I find out tomorrow in the South Bend Tribune as the website doesn’t have the results posted yet and the “Print your finish certificate” is by bib # and my name is now Ken and I am in the 60-66 age grouping).

Good run (even though the last 3 miles did get the best of me). Not too sore now, but tomorrow morning is acoming.

Columbus is 19 weeks away.

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