What not to wear on a warm, muggy morning run

Conditions: 68 degrees F; 90% humidity; no wind. (It’s a muggy, still morning)

Listened to Train’s latest album and ran the usual 3-mile route (8th to Wilson).

Lori warned me that I would be too hot to run in a long-sleeve shirt; I said I’d be fine. See, all of my other short-sleeved numbers have gone by the wayside and frankly it hasn’t been warm for too long to warrant getting another. So, this morning’s muggy run in stillness wasn’t that bad: the long-slever is a racing shirt and breathes very well…but, I am sort of sweaty. Perhaps it’s time to break down and get some shirts for the summer.

So, here’s the last week of training: 3-4-2 mileage this week…oh, wait, I didn’t get that accurate: 3-4-2-26.2. The course has changed a little from previous years…mostly at the ends (because of construction). And perhaps that will make the race a bit more exciting than my long runs on county roads. Anyway, Lori ran in the Great Race 10K yesterday and me and the boys got to see her finish. Also, we got to see Lalo and Andi finish and got to chat a bit after the race. Hot day yesterday, probably a hot day Saturday.

Need to get some shirts. 

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