And now we taper (great words to hear)

Route: 20 miles…here's the map .
Listened to: Wait, wait…don't tell me, This American Life "The Allure of Crime", and the big mistake: Les Miserables.
Afterward: Usual soreness, but not bad.
Weather: Okay, really. Rain was in the forecast, but it never did rain. Temp: 43 degrees f and a bit misty.

Okay, I remember making jokes about men who wear tights, and this morning my tune is something like this: it takes a real man to wear tights (I'm not sure how that'll come across…but anyway). They were comfortable and allowed my legs to breathe and really I like 'em. My biggest mistake today was listening to Les Miserables during the last hour of my run…not exactly the "pick me up" that I needed. All the depressing stuff is in Act I and that's about all I got through. Note to self: Put "happening" music on when it's most needed.

So, it's tapering off from here on out and I finally registered for the race (just got my confirmation number). I'm almost intrigued by one of the perks this year:

Special drawstring backpacks – both Marathon and Half-Marathon

So, I don't know if that's those cheapo plastic backpacks or the ones like Andi got from running in the Flying Pig Marathon. Ahhh, the gift of running a marathon!

Anyway, it's all downhill from here!

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