The Beginning of the long-run week

To catch up:
Saturday's 14-mile run went well. Beautiful weather (50s) and I listened to Wait, wait and the soundtrack to Rent (I know, I wish I could be original too and listen to something unusual). Route was the 32 to 11 to 111. Also, last week's runs were fine…just skipped the middle 9 miler (I know, should have learned my lesson by now…but I still get through the long runs okay).

This morning was 4 miles (I was concerned that Lori could get her run in, so I was a mile short or the scheduled 5).
Condiitions: lots of a.m. work traffic (hey, if you see a runner running toward you and that runner is all the way over, don't flash your brights at him and don't swerve toward him either…there's plenty of room for the both of you, okay?) 51 degrees f, with little or no wind.

Andi ran the Flying Pig Marathon Sunday and had a great time of 3:57:40…very excited but didn't take advantage to the wonders of post-run Advil. And yes, it does make look forward to Sunburst in 4 weeks. It's amazing that this will be my 6th marathon, and I still don't have a handle on how I'll do. I suppose that's why folks keep doing anything: the mystery of the moment (okay, that was just a silly pronouncement…for anyone who is still reading, I give you permission to leave now).

Tomorrow 10, then Thursday 5, and then 20 on Sunday (for some reason, we've got something every night this week…so it'll be a busy one).

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