My friend, Fartlec

Route: 3 miles (8th to Wilson)
Listened to: Train (My Private Nation)
Weather: Clear and sunny (it was 8 a.m.) 48 ish
After: nice

Did some fartlecing the last mile or so of this run just to say I did some speed work. The second day of Spring Break and the past 24 hours has taught me how to: replace copper piping at a "T" for the hot water in our house (I learn how to flare the ends of the tubing…thanks Lowe's guy for helping find the stuff I needed) _and_ to light the pilot light to the hot water heater.

Ah, I'm a manly man with cuts on my hands and the confidence of saving bunches of money on paying someone else to fix it. (Or, perhaps the whole thing will give way).

Anyway, for Day 2: we're off to Borders!

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