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Hump Day

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Route: 5 miles (Courthouse to 8th to Wilson)
Listened to: Lost podcast for today's episode; Wait, wait…don't tell me
Weather: 42 f (cloudy)
Afterward: a bit sore in the legs…just getting used to the longer runs and recovery from Sunday's run

I'm not really sure where the phrase that Wednesday is "Hump Day," but I've always avoided it like the plague. Actually, upon a 21st century Google search (because I'm too lazy to really look it up in a book….because books are more reliable than the internet) I found this:

An English language idiom for Wednesday is "hump day", a reference to making it through the middle of the work week as getting "over the hump". It is also unofficially (and with some irony) referred to as "the peak of the week".

(from Wikipedia)


A little bit of rain

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Route: 3 miles (8th to Wilson)
Listened to: Train (self titled albumn: Train)
Afterward: Good…work through inital soreness from Sunday, but by mile 1, felt nice.
Weather: 39 degrees f (a hint of rain, but more light drizzle)

With Monday's (yesterday) comes educational news. From Indianapolis:

At a glance
THE PLAN: A bill signed Friday by Gov. Mitch Daniels requires the state Department of Education and Board of Education to create a long-term statewide testing plan.
THE OPTIONS: Some hope the plan will settle the debate between testing in the fall or spring. Other options include creating tests for young students, additional tests for high school students or individual remediation information.
THE DEADLINE: The plan must be created by Nov. 1.

So, let's keep talking about reworking ISTEP…

Okay, that’s how it works

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Weather: 42 f (feels like the same!)
Route: 10 miles (Berkey road to 13 and back).
Listened to: Train (2 or 3 of their albums)
Afterward: Whew! Nice.

Okay, that was so much better! Looking forward to catching up next weekend (13 miles) and then to pick up with 15 on the next week.

Last day of the School Week

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Temp: 32 f (and that's what it feels like)
Route: 3 miles (8th to Wilson)
Listened to: Slacker Astronomy, iTunes New Music Tuesday, a few Onion newsbriefs.
Afterward: fine.

I can't complain about the weather: it was a nice morning…in fact, I'm not sure the last time it was this nice out (or warm). Run was fine (I took my asthma med before I ran along with a cough drop).

Today's Thursday and lots of papers are coming in: 3 of my 4 classes to be exact. But, tomorrow we're off to Terre Haute for a chess tournament for Evan: good times on the horizon.

New Star Wars TV series acomin’

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Sure, I think I've read this about a year ago, but the confirmed announcement makes me happy.

“Lost” is a new episode tomorrow

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Temp: 23 f; (Wind:18 mph; Feels like: 4 f)
Route: 8th to Wilson (3 miles)
Listened to: Lost podcast
Afterward: I'm home now, eh?

I'm trying not to mention how cold it is, but it is cold out, you know? Anyway, the leg feels fine (though I had a distraction: cold) and the lungs are still a bit clogged. In all of the complaining, it was nice to be out again.

More Whining

Sunday, 19 March 2006

And now my leg hurts (wah!).