Still Ran though…

Colin's sick and so I am at home to watch the flu-ish guy. Still ran this morning, though:

Weather: 19 f, 8 mph wind (s) "feels like": 17 f
Miles: 3 miles
Route: W. Purl to 8th to Wilson
Afterward: Fine run…much better than the weekend.
Listened to: Our Endangered Values (Jimmy Carter) Intro-Chapt. 2

After last night's basketball game (faculty, I suppose in one student's terms, had game), I wasn't sure about running the next morning…and really it was no problem (besides the nippiness…and even that didn't bother me much at all). Finished the podcast for this week and decided to post the video that I'm using (at least the sound) for next week's 'cast (probably the "random song" of the week).

Got inspired to run hills yesterday as I took CR 13 home last night. Looking forward to running CR 32 Saturday for the 7 miler (even though I only get a little hill).

I didn't list my first long run because it didn't really happen: 2 miles Saturday; 3, Sunday. I suppose that equals 5, but it was one of those deals where I'm not getting that concerned. It's all about the mental stuff and for some reason it didn't happen this weekend. Next Saturday will be different and I won't have to write a whiny post such as this.

I wish I gave Pres. Carter more credit for the past 18 years or so. The line on Carter was that he was a puppet, a reaction to government for and by Nixon/Ford (it was my first presidental election that I actually followed: 1976 and my mom was a very happy Californian because she was still bitter at the Republican party for allowing Reagan to "take away her job." Unfortunately for her though, the actor would win the White House 4 years later. Anyway, I like Carter now and I like what he is writing in this book. I'll try to be a bit more specific later as my Chicken Alfredo needs some attending to.

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