Running’s easy!

Or so I think, fool that I am. First, some catch-up:

Yesterday (1 Feb 06, 3:50 p.m.):
Weather: 52 f, 19 mph wind (s) "feels like": 43 f
Miles: 3 miles
Route: Familiar run: Shanklin Trail to the dam
Afterward: Faster run (ave. 8 min /mile); recovery great.
Listened to: Music ( "Time to Say Goodbye," "Cab," and "Stranger.")
(To hear these, you need iTunes enabled on your computer).

This Morning (5:40 a.m.):
Weather: 37 f, 5 mph wind (s) "feels like": 36 f
Miles: 3 miles
Route: Purl to 8th to Wilson to S. 3rd
Afterward: Not a lot of stiffness, smooth run
Listened to: "iTunes Music Tuesday," This American Life's "My Big Break"

Good run and I got back in enough time to meet my NP staff for a 6:45 a.m. distribution at school. Got the groovy idea to see how many other folk I can talk into running Sunburst…the evangelism begins today.

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One Comment on “Running’s easy!”

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