I like Columbus!

I really do. Because I couldn't run in the Lakefront this year, fate steered me toward Columbus and what a nice city that was. The race was really what I wanted and my special thanks goes to the Pace Leader for 4:00 hours.
I ran a comfortable pace up until 13 miles and then the wall began to creep in front of me. After walking through a water stop (thanks volunteers!) I found myself behind the 4:00 hour pace time group with its leader. And that was my goal: stick with the guy in the navy blue running gear and for the first time, I finished on pace without a mental/physical breakdown.

Time: 3:57:24 (in case you want to know, I finished 1475th overall (out of 3797), pace of 9:04 and a half time of 1:56:08).

What a wonderful end to an icky season! If you get the chance to run Columbus, do it. Very cool people and a nice route through neighborhoods with bands along the way (special kudos to the bagpipe player in Germanville…made my day).
Now what?
Starting to make plans for next season (Sunburst in the Spring?) and we're planning on running in the Figid 5K in Warsaw, IN (Jan 1. 2006).

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