Saturday, in the park…well, Sunday in the Park

Temp: 73 f, wind: 10 SSE (feels like: 73) and it's hazy!

Run: 5 miles (first long run of the 18-week training)

Afterward: A bit bright running into the sun and a bit hot. Besides that, a strong 5 miles.

Listened to: Random (next week: Back to the books!)

Yesterday I was runner boy for my wife and sister; Lori ran a 1/2 marathon and Stephany, a marathon at Sunburst. Both ran strong and me and the boys got to eat our Krispy Kremes and watch tv until it was time to head for Norte Dame to see them finish on the 50-yard line of the the stadium.

And even though I'm not a ND fan, it's just plain cool to watch (and run it).

Tomorrow, I'm trying to get out of jury duty because of the the upcoming scorers training in Indy which begins Tuesday. I really want to do my civic duty, but I also have another civic duty: scoring new teacher portfolios. Let's see who wins out:

Suellen Reed (well, I'm not doing it for her, but I did find this little quote from her:

“I’m not going to say anything bad about anybody.” Supt. Suellen Reed, at an education round table, Oct. 19, 2000, after she got embroiled in the McIntosh-O’Bannon race over education issues

or the Elkhart Co. Court Bailiff.

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