Hot blooded

Temp: 71 f, wind: 9 ESE (feels like: 71)

Run: 3 miles

Afterward: A bit hot: had to wear a cotton shirt that
didn't breathe. Whew!

Listened to: Random (next week: Back to the books!)

Since my first real training schedule, I've learned to ignore the
aches and pains of running for the first two weeks–that's about how
long it takes my body to remember what it's like to get the freakishly
tall frame with 38-year-old gut moving forward.

And today was one of those days.

I'm happy that I've almost made it to the end of my first week:
sitting back and watching others run races is fine, but I want the
t-shirt also.

Saturday, Lori and my sister from California (Stephany) are running in
the Sunburst and I get to play runner boy. Actually, that'll be cool
because I'll have the boys with me and I'll get to brag about their
mother and how she does things to push herself.

Also in the tone of "catching up" I've finally starting my "Make Your
Own Wine" kit from two Xmases ago (next step is the "second
fermentation" phase…7 days away). I'm anticipating a small ceremony
for the first tasting of my private label: Vergil's Valley Winery:
7.2005: a nice, crisp chardonnay with a hint of Goshen goodness…

Lastly, I got to eat at my 2nd grader's school Tuesday: at the lunch
table. I was amused at how the conversation at lunch tables in schools
doesn't change much: from student to teacher alike, table talk is
about the same. I was especially amused my Evan's classmate Ben who
had a particularly interesting phrase construction: more

Now, off to try and fix the pool pump.

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