Friday coolness

Weather: 25 f, little wind
Miles: 3
Route: usual
Afterward: strongest run of the season. It feels like I got my lungs back after a 2 month layoff. Legs feel okay and this is really the first run (since I began to train this season) that I felt as though I could run a 10 k.
Listened to: “The Meaning of Faith” (Speaking of Faith).
Good quote:

One reason we find talking about God so difficult is we are part of what we are trying to understand. The thing about spiritual truth is that it wants to be spoken. It is too important, too transforming to be left alone in silence. It seems to have speakable content. The problem is that once you speak or show the words to someone else, then both of you are different. The words have changed both of you. And now you must start all over again. I believe that in one form or another this making of words is the touchstone for all spiritual traditions and of all spiritual renewal: To say what is just at the outermost edge of what can be spoken is to deal with words that are so primary and dazzling that they are infinitely personal and intimate.

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