Football vs. Chess

Sunday was a big day for sports: Super Bowl XXXVII and Kasparov vs. Deep Junior. Both were played in the United States and both brought a lot of media attention. The Superbowl was a romp and so was the chess game.

At least Garry came through for me.

The Oakland Raiders’ training camp was in my hometown in Santa Rosa, CA. We heard of how tough and mean those guys were (mid to late 1970s if you remember). And now that they’ve come back to Oakland, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Silver and Black…I was a little sad for the game and the commericals.

Garry Kasparov taking on another computer (last time he publically lost and everyone went into a tizzy). Kasparov did what he was supposed to do and won overwhelmly.
Humans rejoice! (thought the folks that put the program together did a nice job, too!)

Wouldn’t it be cool to hear in the classroom: I want to be a GrandMaster Chess player after college. It sure beats the aspirations of going into professional sports…delusional as it sounds.

No wonder the USA isn’t listed in the top 10, 20 of Chess players. In fact the highest ranking USA chess player is �Alexander Onischuk (#35) and he wasn’t born here (please, I know he’s a US citizen and has all the rights of a citizen). But who amoung us, who went through the US public school system (or any US school system) is smart enough to play the game well?

I wonder if we should shift our priorities around in school.

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