Copy Talk: Kids these days, Pulling Fire Alarms, Smell of sawdust

A Poem

Legs hooked on bars like monkeys
Gravity pulling hair and blood down to solid earth
Squeals, “You’re it!”s, and sawdust on shirts
Where are the kids these days?

Bike adventures, expeditions to Bennett Peak
A fire alarm pulled with no one around
Baseball games with no scores
It’s a shame about kids these days!

Grammar Lessons, Book Reports, Poetry Recitations
Copied Outlines from scarced-pictured History books
Dodge ball, Multiplication drills, multiple choice tests
They don’t know how to learn, kids these days!!

Mork and Mindy, Dallas, Happy Days,
Love Boat, Fantasy Island, M*A*S*H
But certainly we won’t watch Soap and what’s this MTV?
They watch trash TV, kids these days.

For 25 cents I made copies at Longs Drug store
I think it was a page from an Astronomy book
The duplicate was a bit fuzzy and faded
It was damp and slow, but I had my copy.

Oh Gravity, pull Me to earth and wipe the sawdust off my shirt
I’ve never had to pull a Fire Alarm for real
The Duplicate of my Happy Days 20 years ago
Is not clear to kids these days.

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