Tuesdays and Media Literacy

So Tuesdays are inevitably scarier than Mondays. Mondays has a really cool song…Tuesday is when everything hits.
Like 2nd hour.
[Scene: One warm well-lit classroom with desks arranged in groups of four. White boards are on the north and south walls; posters of inspirational folks who’ve done cool things plaster the west wall. Cabinets are on the east wall with a computer, printer, and various organized piles on a counter.TEACHER stands by the doorway]
[A bell goes off and in a few minutes enter STUDENTS]
Teacher [to STUDENTS]: Hey!
Students: Hey, Where do I sit? Munch. Ready for the game? Book? Sigh.
[Bell rings and TEACHER walks in]
Teacher: Good morning!
Students: Hey! Talk. Magazine. Game tonight?
Teacher: Go ahead and get out your books to we can read for a bit here.
Students: Yep! Book? Game tonight. Nice shirt.
Teacher: Where’s your book?
Students: Book? No Time. His fault. Game!
Teacher: Your responsibility!
Students: Sins of the few. Book? Talk. Me.
Teacher: Tomorrow: No Book=”F”
Students: Laugh. Talk. Game. Oh.
[Scene: After class, Teacher]
Teacher: Man, I said all those things you’re not supposed to say, but I was frustrated. I don’t think that the educational crisis is exclusively what is being taught or even how it’s being taught. I wonder if Wong was right; I wonder if a school is a reflection of society and that one can’t outdo the other.
[Teacher sighs, removes his glasses and puts them back on]
Teacher: Tomorrow’s Wednesday.
[Bell rings]

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